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Welcome to the Web site for Summit Sign and Safety, a reseller of safety identification, high visibility apparel, personal protection equipment and facility management products. Summit Sign and Safety specializes in the stock and custom identification solutions for: signs, labels, letters, numbers, safety tags, lockout/tagout, confined space, identification tags, pipe markers hazard communication (haz-com), right-to-know (RTK), DOT placards, traffic control, facility identification; as well as safety motivation and training. For promoting safety awareness in your facility, we also offer electronic digital display scoreboards, training posters, federal labor law posters, safety awareness banners and motivational banners.

Our online store gives you access to the top brands for Welding Express, Fold-Ups, Gas Cylinder Lockout Cap, Gauge Marking Stickers, Safety Poster Frame, Safety Posters, Safety Tag Holders, Safety Tags, Safety Welding Banners, Safety Welding Kits, Status Alert Flip-Plac™ Sign, Welding Safety Labels, Welding Safety Signs, Welding Screens, Custom Signs, Labels & Tags, Custom Labels, Custom Tags, Custom Tags-By-The-Roll, Frame Post & Hardware, Construction Express, Construction Banners, Construction Hard Hat Stickers, Construction Labels, Construction Labor Law & Safety Poster, Construction Lockout/Tagout, Construction Safety Scoreboards, Construction Safety Tags, Construction Tapes, Construction Traffic Control, Construction Traffic Signs, Contractor Preferred Signs, Haz-Com/GHS, Parking Permits, PPE Charts, Stanchion Posts & Chain, Welding Screens, Safety Signs & Labels, Admittance & Exit, Authorized Personnel Only, Do Not Enter & No Admittance, Restricted Area, Employees & Visitors, Direction & Location, Trespassing & Property, Security & Surveillance, Door & Gate, Concealed Weapons, Devices & Substances, Entrance & Exit, Chemicals & Hazardous Materials, Chemical Safety, Flammables, Explosives & Combustibles, Chemical Identification, Chemical Hazards, Hazard Communication, Chemical Drums, Hot Work & Welding, Cylinder & Compressed Gas, Biohazards & Bloodborne Pathogens, Public Health & Cancer Hazard, Potable Water, Pesticide & WPS Field Warning, Cancer Warning • Cal Prop 65, Confined Space, Authorization, Permit & Procedure, Safety Equipment, Construction, BIGSigns™, General Construction, Crane & Hoist, Construction Above & Below, Scaffold & Ladder, Buried Utility, CSA Signs & Labels, CSA Pictogram Labels, CSA Safety Signs, Electrical, High Voltage & Hazard, Conduit Voltage Markers, Clearance & Space, Battery Charging & Storage, Equipment, Switches & Shut-Offs, Electrical Above & Below, Static & Grounding, Arc Flash Protection Signs, Lockout / Tagout, Equipment, Operation Hazards, Conveyor, Nip & Pinch Points, Elevator & Escalator, Machine Guarding, Equipment Above & Below, Clearance, Automatic Start, Stop & Switches, Maintenance, Repair & Service, Compressed Air, Protective Equipment, Hot Work , Fire & Emergency, Fire & Emergency Exit, Door, Alarm, Information Procedure Centers, Evac & Shelter, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Equipment, Sprinkler, Water & Hose, First Aid Sign, Equipment, Kits & Station, Eyewash & Shower, First Aid Biohazards & Bloodborne Pathogens, Patient Care Safety Signs, Report, Housekeeping & Hygiene, Clean, Spills, Slips, Trips & Falls, Icy Conditions, Recycling, Trash, Litter & Refuse, Food & Lunchroom, Wash Hands, Washroom & Restroom, Food & Beverage Safety, Pool Signs, Glow In-The-Dark Materials, Admittance & Exit, Chemicals & Hazardous Materials, Confined Space, Electrical, Fire & Emergency, Evac & Shelter, First Aid, Smoking Control, Custom Lumi-Glow™ Signs, Personal Protection, Eye & Face Protection, Hearing Protection, Head Protection, Hard Hat Stickers, Fall Arrest, Foot & Hand Protection, Respiratory Protection, Protective Clothing, Multi-Protection, PPE-ID™ Charts & Labels, Projection™ Signs (3D & 90D), Exit, Alarm, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Equipment, Fire Door, Facility & Equipment, First Aid, Eye Wash & Shower, Shelter, Hazardous Communication & PPE, Smoking Control & Hygeine, Public Health, Dispensary Signs, Safety Incentive & Motivational, Safety Habit, Report, Quality, Lifting, Visual Edge™ Motivational Signs, Magnetic Visual Edge™ Signs, Smoking Control, No Smoking, Smoking Hazards, Smoking Permitted, State-Specific Smoking Signs, Specific Hazards, Wildlife Safety Signs, FOD/Foreign Material Exclusion, Radio Frequency, Cellular & Cell Tower, Microwave, Laser, X-Ray & Magnetic, Radiation, Drone Signs, Silica Hazards, Traffic Industrial, Traffic Control, Parking, Seat Belt, Fluorescent Alert, Reception & Lobby, Door & Dock, Truck & Driver, Clearance, Chock Wheels, Shipping & Receiving, Battery Charging & Storage, Capacity, Keep Clear, Forklift & Industrial Truck, Multilingual, Admittance & Exit, Chemical & Hazmat, Biohazard, Confined Space, Construction, Electrical, Equipment, Fire & Emergency, First Aid, Housekeeping, Personal Protection, Restroom, Radiation, Safety Incentive, Smoking Control, Traffic Industrial, All French & Bilingual OSHA Blanks, All Spanish & Bilingual OSHA Blank, Bilingual, ANSI Visual Alert Bilingual Safety, ANSI, ANSI ISO Safety Signs, Admittance & Exit, Chemicals & Hazmat, Confined Space & Construction, Electrical, Equipment, CEMA , First Aid, Housekeeping & Hygiene, Personal Protection, Radio Frequency, Radiation & Laser Signs, No Smoking, Traffic & Industrial, ANSI Visual Alert Bilingual, Blank Header, Specialty Signs & Labels, Bull Stations, Hanging Doorway Signs, Holiday Signs, LED Sign Projectors, Pokemon Go Signs, Status Monitor Covers, ADA Braille Tactile Signs, California Title 24 ADA Restroom Door , Contractor Preferred Safety Signs, Deco-Shield™ & Office Signs, Dura-Shield™ Slide Signs, Engraved Accu-Ply™ Signs, Sign Blanks, Production and Calibration Labels, Stainless Steel Signs, Lite-Corr, Light-Duty Plastic Signs, SignPad™, Signs By-The-Roll, ISO Safety Signs, International Maritime Org. (IMO), Maritime Security (MARSEC) Signs, 180D Projection™ Signs, Shape & BIGShape™ Signs, Electronic Moving Message Displays, Accessories, Sign Stands , Sign Holders, Map Holders, Hardware & Accessories, Digital Signage, OSHA Header Signs, Danger Signs, Warning Signs, Caution Signs, Notice Signs, Safety Scoreboards, Digi-Day® Electronic Scoreboards, Personal Digi-Day® Electronic Scoreboards, Changeable Face Digi-Day® Electronic Scoreboards, Mini Digi-Day® Digi-Day®, Digi-Day® Lite Electronic Scoreboards, Mini Changeable Face Digi-Day® Scoreboards, Backlit Digi-Day® Electronic Scoreboards, Countdown Digi-Day® Electronic Scoreboard, Safety Awareness Center & Signal Digi-Day®, Signal Digi-Day® Electronic Scoreboards, Write-A-Day Scoreboards, Turn-A-Day Scoreboards, Safety Tags, General Safety, Status Alert, Secure-Status Tag Holders, Status Alert Holders, Maintenance & Service, Specific Hazard, Specialty, Loop n Lock™, Loop n Strap™, Tags By-The-Roll, QuickTags™, Lockout, Multilingual Safety, Production & Quality Control, Glow Tags, Blanks & Headers, Wrap 'n Stick™ Tags, Tag Centers, Tag Ties, Pipe Markers & ID Tags, Accu-Detect Metal-Detectable Pipe Markers, Custom Pipe Markers, Stock Pipe Markers, IIAR Ammonia, Roll Form, Roll Tape, Specialty Pipe Markers, Pipe Marker Accessories, Metal ID Tags, Plastic ID Tags, Energy Source Tags, ID Tag Accessories, 5S / Lean Workplace Organization, TPM Supplies, Store-Boards™, Vinyl Shadows & Shadow Shapes, Pegboard Hardware, Shadow-Wrap™, Printed Pegboards , Store-Drawers™, Siteboards™ & Accessories, Bin & Shelf Labeling & Storage, 5S & 6S Banners & Posters, PPE Identification, PPE Dispensers, Label, Tape & Marker Dispensers, Inventory Marking Dots, Holders & Inserts, Quality Control, 5S Red Tag Supplies, Floor Tapes & Marking, Lockout Tagout / Security Devices, Hasps, Circuit Breaker Lockouts , Security Seal Tags, Cable & Chain Lockouts, Valve Lockouts, Switch & Plug Lockouts, Worksite Lockouts, Energy Source Identification, Lock Boxes, Padlock Storage, Padlocks, Center Boards, Lockout Kits, Training & Documentation, Confined Space, Confined Space Barriers, Confined Space Permits , Confined Space Signs & Labels, Confined Space Stencils, Confined Space Fold-Ups, HAZ-COM / GHS, Custom HazCom Notification Signs, NFPA Placards, NFPA Labels & Accessories, HMCIS Labels & Accessories, HMCIS Signs & Hazardous Material Tags, Custom GHS Signs, Labels & Pipe Markers, GHS Pictogram Labels, GHS Tags, Wallet Cards, & Safety Booklets, GHS Label Printer & Accessories, GHS Signs & Labels, SDS Centers, SDS Binders & Signs, HazCom Reference Posters, Shipping Labels & Placards, DOT Flip Placards, DOT Placards, Blank 4-Digit DOT Placards, 4-Digit DOT Placards, DOT Panels and Placards, DoD Fire Placards & Symbols, DOT Placard Holders & Accessories, DOT Shipping Labels, Shipping Labels, Hazardous Waste Labels, Shipping Label Accessories, Transport Markings, Traffic Signs, Custom Street Signs, Stop and Yield, Speed Limit , Lane Control, Directions, Conditions & Crossing, Bicycle & Pedestrian, Blinker Signs, Rail & Markers, Parking Restriction, Designated Parking & Safety, No Texting Signs & Labels, Facility, Handicap Parking, General Service & Emergency, Posts & Accessories, Beacons & Speed Display, Flashing LED Beacon, Temporary Traffic Control (TTC), Sign Stands, Traffic Control, Barricades & Barriers, Fold-Up Barricade Signs, Marker Stakes, Traffic Cones, Traffic Cone Accessories, Safety Vests, Flags & Windsocks, Paddle Signs , Mirrors, Lighting , Lighting & Guards, Blinker Signs & Training, Barriers & Barricades, Fold-Up Barricade Signs, Expanded Barricades, QuickFold™ Barricade System, Tape Barriers, Barricade Tape, Stanchion Barriers, Chains, Rope Barriers & Signs, Bollards & Bumpers, Bumpers & Guards, Welding Screens, Temporary Fence Banners & Fencing, Floor Signs & Tapes, Tough-Mark™ Floor Marking, Floor Signs, Pavement Signs, Floor Tapes, Floor Tapes & Marking, Fold-Ups®, Safety Cones & Identification Control Caps, Specialty Marking, Parking Permits, Lot Marking, Markers, Mats & Tape, Floor Stencils, General Stencils, Paints & Equipment, Letters & Numbers, Utility & Pipeline Marking, Marker Stakes, Safety Recognition & Event Supplies, Safety Scoreboards, Badges, Pins & Patches, Specialty Supplies, Badge Holders , Lanyards, Barricades, Portable Banner Stands, Event Supplies, Safety Meeting Kits, Safety Banners & Posters, Motivational Banners, Mesh Banners, Safety Awareness Posters, Safety Motivation Sets, Motivational Mats & Clocks, HazCom Reference Posters, Labor Relations Posters, Wall & Window Graphics, WorkHealthy™ Products

Our online store gives you access to the top brands: Accuform

Summit Sign and Safety is proud to offer sign identification products and PPE for a variety of job duties like roadside construction, manufacturing, plant assembly, mining, surveying, asbestos removal, power generator construction, shipyard construction, warehouse and facility maintenance, utilities department, sewer maintenance, electrical line construction, wind energy construction, ethanol and oil refinery and many others. Summit Sign and Safety offers great savings and product selection for helping you maintain a safe and OSHA compliant work environment. If you're looking for discounted safety equipment or identification products on sale, visit our web specials page or sign up for our email promotions.

We hope your interest in our product line is piqued; if so, feel free to request a copy of our current Safety Identification Guide. It is an 800+ page catalog of the industry's top selling safety signs, tags and more. Don't forget to sign up for our emails - giving you access to discounted products, new product offerings and all round good deals on the safety equipment and signs you need. is the online presence of the company, Summit Sign and Safety LLC. You can also access our site through,,,; and don't forget to also visit us at Thank you for visiting Summit Sign and Safety.

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